Ice Show Group

One of the key direction of La Skadi Group's activities is the Ice Show Group.

La Skadi Ice Show Group was established in February 2013 thanks to innovative teamwork of 8 skaters boasting an ice-show experience of 10 years and more, both in Russia and abroad. The lead team of the Ice Show Group comprises 8 skaters who have reached the age of 18 years.

We offer you services in organizing and staging ice show programs and individual exclusive performances based on a theme of your choice.

It is advantageous to cooperate with us because we

- direct and stage the show meeting the deadlines you specify

- perform on nonstandard skating rinks

- offer favorable prices

- fulfill our obligations to the customer

- are responsible and resistant to stress

- address issues promptly in uncertain situations

La Skadi Ice Show Group has participated in the following projects:

The Golden Age Figure Skating Festival

The 2013 Children's Day Figure Skating Festival

The 27th International Children's Ice Dancing Festival

The Anniversary of Avangard factory, city of Safonofo, Smolensk Region, Russia.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any proposals or wishes!

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