Our Team

Anastasia Shashina

Born in Nizhny Tagil, an the age of three moved with her parents to Moscow where she began skating on the outdoor rink "Rovesnik 80." Seriously engaged in a sports career as a figure skater till the age of 13, she then started performing in Theater on Ice, as well as taking part in international and Russian ice shows. Anastasia is a very creative person, never stands still, always seeks self-improvement. A graduate of Moscow State Pedagogical University, speaks perfect English and takes vocal classes.

Anastasia Lagutina

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria. At the age of 3, when her family returned to Moscow, Anastasia started training with her first figure skating coach Natalia Radchenkova. She participated in the Moscow Cup Junior Figure Skating Championship, performed in Theaters on Ice " Aleko " and " Amas ." She Graduated from the Academy of Labor and Social Relations with a degree in "management of organization" (specialization "entrepreneurship") and the School of Television "Ostankino" - specialization " TV and radio shows presenter." Anastasia successfully uses all of her acquired knowledge in her work with “La Skadi”. She is a very positive, energetic and motivated person.

Tatiana Kasatkina

Started skating at 6 years old. Graduated from Moscow State University Of Service and got master degree at Moscow State Pedagogical University in specialty: "Sports management." A graduate of a ballet studio under the coaching guidance of the Honored Artist of Russian Federation Dmitrieva Larisa Borisovna, a participant of international and Russian ice shows, festivals as a soloist and a lead performer in theater on ice. Tatiana is an artistic director of ice dancing team "La Skadi", as well as an actress, immensely talented, active and a creative person.

Mariya Tityunik

Born in Moscow. In 2012, she graduated from Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism (RSUPES&T), having majored as artistic director of sports events. Maria is an athelete and a beautiful woman, she is now a wonderful show host in animation programs and corporate events and an experienced skater, who participated in international ice shows, festivals and competitions as a soloist of an Ice Theatre and the artistic director of many successful projects.

Valentine Tsareva

Began her career as a figure skater at the age of 3, when her parents enrolled her in AZLK Sports School under the coaching guidance of Irina Pugacheva.
Participant of international and Russian ice shows, Valentina is always striving for perfection in her ice skating. Her determination, perseverance and endurance, combined with a sporty character, knows no bounds. Now she is working on developing circus genres on ice: hoops and acrobatics. She graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physical Culture and Sports and also took a post-graduate refresher courses “Teacher of Physical Education and Sport”.

Irina Tegina

Skating from the age of 3. Student at the Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting Ostankino.
A future talented artistic director, as well as coach and teacher in figure skating. Irina is the owner of the highest figure skating stilts (experience in this genre - 5 years), participant of numerous ice shows.

Maria Stramnova

From a young age Maria showed exceptional talent in figure skating. Graduated Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism (RSUPES&T), Candidate Master of Sports in synchronized and figure skating, participant of Russian Championship in Synchronized Skating. Participant of the International Competition of ice dancing. Currently Maria explores new circus genres on ice, takes an active part in the life and the training process of the ice dancing team "La Skadi". She is also a figure skating coach.

Ekaterina Doditsa

Born in Moscow. Started skating at the age of 4. A student at the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering. Figure skating coach and participant of ice shows. For many years she was a soloist of the ballet on ice "Luzhniki" under the leadership of Honored Artist of Russian Federation Ninel Samsonova. Ekaterina is actively involved in the life of the ice group "La Skadi", she is a responsible and positive person and can always get out of difficult situations with humor and style.

Natalia Tegina

Natalia Tegina started skating at the age of 3. She was also practicing ice acrobatics. Student at RANEPA ( The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration ), a spokeswoman for the Student Athletic Club "Senator" at RANEPA, figure skating coach and modern dance teacher



Irina Hromova

Irina was born in Moscow. Her mom brought her to her first ice skating class when she was 3 years old. For the next 13 years Irina was training and performing with the AMAS ice skating group, after that she had a one year training at the spot school " Konek Tchajkovskoj" she took part in various festivals and New Year's performances. Irina studies in University of connectivity ways.



Mariya Buligina

Maria has been ice skating since she was 5 years old. She has been performing with "Rus" and "Aleko" ice ballets in Russia and abroad. Currently she has been successfully combining her studies in Bauman Moscow State Technical University with performing in different ice shows and animation programs.



Yana Kirichenko

Yana was born in Moscow. In 2013 she graduated from Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics.
She has started ice skating in the Olympic Reserve sports school "Moscvich".
She was performing with "Aleko" and "Siyanie l'da" ice shows.
She is also skilled in joggling and hoolahoops. Yana was also an ice skate coach at the Ice Complex "Katok.Ru" and performed at numerous Russian and international festivals.



Our skaters have been members of renowned Moscow theaters on ice:

-​ Theatre on ice “Aleko” directed by Kondrashova Olga Ilinichna

-​ Ballet on ice “Luzhniki” under the guidance of the Distinguished Artist of the Russian Soviet Federated Socialistic Republic – Samsonovna Ninel Mikhailovna

-​ Theater on ice “AMAS” directed by Shootova Ludmila Mikhailovna.

Were trainees of such coaches as:

- Kubashevskaya Ludmila Ivanovna - internationally certified referee, champion of All-Union student winter games, old stager of ice skating in Moscow;

- Gorbunova Galina Mikhailovna – Master of sports of USSR, “50 years of soviet law enforcement authority” medal awarded, received certificate of appreciation “85 years of Moscomsport”

- Morgunenko Asja Anatolyevna - internationally certified referee, Candidate of pedagogic sciences.

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