Price list of La Skadi Ice Show Group

Our solo performers in the following genres – stilts (70 cm) – the tallest ice skating stilts in the world, acrobats, aerial performances on ice skates or roller blades ( hoop, silks, gimnastics acts) cost 10000-00 per act. The duration of the act from 20(?) min.

If you need circus acts on ice, rollerblades or floor, we are ready to assist you in finding and contacting the performers needed.

We are ready to offer you the exclusive stage directing on ice. What is this? It is staging the performance on ice with your company co-workers, you can ask for the profeccional performers to participate, or you can stage an act with solely your co-workers. For this you will need reheasals with your collegues and the services of the staging director.

We have shows on ice and rollerblades - divertissement, and also an interactive New Years fairy tale on ice with contests – from 60000. Divertissement includes 4 ice show group perfomances (4-6 people) and 3 solo acts ( pair skating acts also possible)


* The prices listed are for the performances on the locations inside MKAD (rollerblades, ice skates). For any enquiries, please, contact our managers.

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